TOM Organic

We truly believe small acts of positivity can bring about big change.

Our Founder

It all started with the birth of my twins, Ivy and Poppy. When they were born I found it almost impossible to buy eco-friendly nappies that would also actually work. As a parent you have a responsibility to your children, to protect them and keep them safe. When your baby is born they will spend more time cuddled by a nappy than they will in your arms, so it is important to know the materials that go against their most sensitive skin are as pure as they possibly can be. In the first 18 months my twins went through more than 10,000 nappies and goodness knows how many wipes. This made me realize that as parents we also have a responsibility to our environment. I could not believe that an eco-friendly, reliable nappy was unavailable. It made me stop one day and think - I need to go out there and create one myself, for future generations to come.

Aimee Marks, Tooshies by TOM Founder


Meet the Tooshie Kids

  • Poppy & Ivy

    These are the gorgeous twins girls of our founder, Aimee Marks. These two little ‘tooshies’ were the inspiration behind the Tooshies by TOM brand!

  • Margo

    Newborn baby Margo is just getting used to the world, she loves being cuddled and snuggled, and sleeping on mummy’s bed.

  • Camilla

    Little Camilla loves strawberries, bopping up and down to music, and giggling at her big brother playing with his toys.

  • Polly

    Polly has the cheekiest smile around, she adores playing with her two big brothers and her favourite food is pasta. 

  • Ivy

    Ivy’s first word was her twin sister’s name, Poppy. She loves brushing her teeth, combing her hair, and eating avocados for breakfast.

  • Jonno

    Jonno loves to play with his trucks, cars and helicopters. His favourite food is yoghurt – he thinks it is delicious!