TOM Organic

Planet-friendly nappies

Our sustainable nappies are soft and gentle on little bottoms and kind to the planet – our babies’ future playground. We choose to use naturally derived materials wherever possible, instead of oil-based.

Our nappies are the perfect balance of performance and purity.


    Our nappy core is made with a combination of traditional and bio-based super absorbent materials to help draw moisture away and keep little bottoms happy.


    Our comfy stretchy waistband gives your little ones the freedom to crawl, discover, walk and play. The super stretchy side panels and soft re-fastenable tabs deliver the perfect cosy fit for babies of all shapes and sizes.


    No one likes a nappy explosion! Our securely fitted moisture barrier cuffs help prevent leakage and blowouts so both you and your baby can sleep soundly through the night.


    No fragrances, no lotions, no latex, no phthalates, no parabens, no nasties. All our materials are safe and non-irritating.


    Where possible our nappies are made with sustainable plant-based materials, respecting the planet without compromising on performance.


Designed with practicality in mind

We love reusable nappies but finding the time for them is not always easy. We like to think Tooshies is the next best thing. Over 95% of Aussie parents use disposable nappies, if they choose to switch to Tooshies, the immediate positive impact we could have on our planet would be enormous.

Tooshies is with you every step of the way

We have designed a range of nappies to fit every size, shape, and grow with your baby as they begin to crawl, tumble walk and play. With Tooshies, your baby is supported every step of the way. We have paid particular attention to the fit of our nappies. They’re slim and snug to ensure optimum freedom of movement – the ultimate is to ensure that the baby has as much nappy free time as possible.

Pure Baby Wipes made with organic ingredients

Babies’ skin is ten times thinner than adults, and as such is sensitive and prone to irritation. Our premium textured wipes give a pure clean from head to toe. Made with plant-based, organic ingredients, including aloe and chamomile, the nourishing cleanse is soothing on your baby’s delicate skin.