TOM Organic

Our nappies are gentle on bottoms and the planet

Your baby will use over 6,000 nappies in the first few years of their life. They’ll spend more time cuddled by a nappy than in your arms, so it’s crucial that you know they are safe. That’s why our nappies are:

Our nappies balance a commitment to the environment and your baby’s needs

45% of the materials in our nappies comes from plant-based and sustainable materials. This ensures our nappies are gentle on bottoms and the planet without compromising on performance – giving you peace of mind.


At the core of our nappies is fluff pulp, harvested from sustainably managed forests

We’re leading the way, but we’re not quite there yet

Our nappies are sustainable but not 100% biodegradable. Technology currently doesn’t enable us to make a fully biodegradable nappy that will also actually work. We’re committed to leading innovation in this space and are working with the most progressive companies to discover new biodegradable technology that will, over time increase our compostability. The minute a new biodegradable ingredient becomes available we will integrate it into our nappies.

Our biodegradable baby wipes are made with plant-based and organic ingredients

Many babies experience nappy rash, sensitive skin problems, eczema or asthma in their first three years of life. Most of these problems can be easily avoided by reducing exposure to unnecessary chemicals. This is why our premium textured wipes are hypo-allergenic, contain no harsh chemicals and are fragrance free. They’re plant-based FSC cloth, which means more trees are planted than cut down. Made with organic ingredients, they are super padded to give an efficient, one wipe, gentle clean. They’ve been tested by Australian Parents, so we can guarantee they do the job.

Pure baby wipes for little bottoms & sticky fingers — without the nasties

Your baby’s health is our number one priority, which is why our wipes do not contain any nasties, like alcohol, phalates, parabens or phenols.

We use Certified Organic aloe vera and chamomile extracts to soothe delicate skin


Our wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable